Rii Forum 2022

Rupture, Resilience and Recovery in the Post-Covid World

Rii Forum 2022 | Athens, April 20-22, 2022

The Research and Innovation Forum (Rii Forum) is an annual conference that brings together researchers, academics, and practitioners in conceptually sound inter- and multi-disciplinary, empirically driven debate on key issues influencing the dynamics of social interaction today. Technology, innovation, and education as well as issues and topics located at their intersection, define the key dimensions of all discussions held during the Rii Forum. In the post-Covid world, best defined by RUPTURE, and the need to build RESILIENCE and identify ways of RECOVERY, the Rii Forum 2022 invites contributions dealing with diverse aspects of these threeR”s.

KEYNOTES | APRIL 20 & APRIL 21, 2022
Keynote | April 20, 2022 | 11:00 am

The Past That’s Still Herejust unevenly distributed: the war in Ukraine & the challenges for HEIs

Krzysztof Kozłowski, Ph.D. (dr hab.)
Vice-Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs
Director of the Institute of International Affairs
SGH Warsaw School of Economics,
Warsaw, Poland

Keynote | April 21, 2022 | 11:00 am

Accelerating the recovery by collaborating with startups: the new paradigm of innovation in the post-Covid era

Vincenzo Corvello,
Editor in Chief of European Journal of Innovation Management,
Department of Engineering,
University of Messina, Italy

ATHENS | Workshop | Round Table   

Rii Forum WorkshopRii Forum Round Table DebateAthens

The major theme of the Rii Forum 2022 is Rupture, Resilience, and Recovery in the post-Covid world. Covid-19 and its corollaries brought rupture into nearly every aspect of our lives and into every dimension of our social, political and economic systems, locally, internationally and globally. The need to address the implications revived the discussion on resilience at the level of families, communities, organizations (public and private), including international organizations, and governments. In these complex and uncertain contexts, the debate on means and strategies aimed at fostering recovery has become an imperative.


Advances in sophisticated information and communication technology (ICT) offer ways of by-passing and mitigating some of the challenges pertaining to the three Rs defining the objectives of the Rii Forum 2022. Indeed, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cognitive computing, cloud computing, blockchain, the internet of things (IoT), social networking sites, 5G, and others, equip us with a new set of tools, techniques and approaches by which to view, interpret, explain, and respond to the plethora of challenges our societies face today. However, ICT remains but one factor that shapes contemporary affairs. A variety of other factors weigh in the equation of contemporary society and its ability to adapt and respond to change amidst volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).


In detail, the Rii Forum 2022 seeks to stir debate on ways of utilizing ICT as a means of boosting resilience and the prospect of recovery across diverse, frequently overlapping levels, issues, and domains. This includes resilience and antifragility at the community and organization (public, private, voluntary) levels. It also includes approaches and strategies implemented in such domains as education, public policy, economic policy, security and defense, and, for instance, healthcare. An equally important aspect of the discussion on ICT in connection with rupture, resilience and recovery, comprises the question of ICT and its local, regional, international and global implications. While digital transformation is a powerful term to account for the impact of ICT in several of these domains, there is much more to it. The Rii Forum 2022 seeks to identify and explore this yet unclaimed area of research.

Rii Forum 2022 will be held in Innovathens, in the heart of the city of Athens


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