Panel 10: Data-driven decision-making and strategy in business

Title of the panel:

Data-driven Decision-making and Strategy in business:

The local, regional and global dimensions


Data-driven decision-making; strategic management; big data; business strategy;

Short description of the panel:

The ability to collect, access and effectively use data that mirror the activities and processes across organizations’ operations and functioning has altered our thinking on both business strategies and the decision-making process itself. Although still nascent, data-driven decision-making in business is increasingly yielding substantial benefits by optimizing functions such as logistics, human resource management and sourcing. Data and their smart application in diverse contexts have great promise that is still largely unexplored.

The objective of this panel is to encourage research and a scholarly debate on a wide variety of topics and issues prompted by the introduction of data-driven management and decision-making in the business sector. The broader debate on Sustainable Development Goals and the Covid-19 pandemic and its implications offer a timely conceptual and empirical framework for the topics to be explored in this panel.

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit papers analysing how the pandemic can be challenged by redesigning business models, refocusing strategies and redefining interactions with stakeholders, and addressing critical and multidisciplinary issues. Further investigation is needed into the strategic role of smart technology as a key enabler in managing emergencies.

Some of the topics that will be discussed in the panel:

  • The impact of digitalization and data-driven orientation on business decision-making in the pandemic;
  • ‘Big data’ tools and analytics for the proper implementation of data-driven decision-making;
  • Strategic drivers and key dimensions to enhance decisions to challenge the pandemic through cognitive computing, decision-support systems and/or fuzzy logic;
  • Challenges and opportunities in adopting data-driven strategies in the pandemic for data collection, data integration and sharing;
  • How data-driven orientation in smart organizations can increase resilience to the pandemic by enhancing continuous transformation and the co-development of innovation and management;
  • The implications of data-driven orientation for power mechanisms, governance and open/diffused decision-making in the pandemic.
  • What is the disrupting impact of data-driven strategies on business decision-making in the management of pandemic?
  • Is there a link between data-driven strategies, decision effectiveness and innovation?
  • What are the strategic drivers to pursue transformation and innovation in data-driven organizations to overcome the emergency?


  • Mara Grimaldi, Ph.D., DISA-MIS University of Salerno, Italy

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