FP1: Democracy & Technology

Title of the panel: Democracy and technology: a virtuous relation?


Description of the panel: 

The relation between democracy and technology is not always presented as a virtuous one. Arguments, both in favor and against can be gathered. At the same time, rapid technological innovation is a tendency that is not going to stop, neither is democracy going to be isolated from it. Therefore, democratic procedures will have to be readjusted to societal dynamics in which technology takes a central stage and is deeply involved with everyday routines and issues.

The panel thus aims to gather both academic reflections and case studies on the possible uses of new ICT technologies with reference to democratic processes and on how they may affect negatively or, alternatively, foster democratic procedures. Information and communication are themselves nuclear concepts for democracies. The public sphere is fundamental for a democracy to survive. Rapid and intense communication, in between the citizens and of the citizens with the political institutions appears to bring added value to the public debate and to governance. Security issues can nevertheless be raised and the pervasive use of information should not undermine the basic liberties that ground democracy itself. A new paradigm seems to have been reached in political history and thus requires both pragmatic solutions and overall critical thinking on its mechanisms and effects. This panel seeks to be an opportunity for both.

The conveners welcome paper proposals that address (but are not limited to) the following topics:  

  • The internet as a new public space
  • Electronic voting
  • Fake news and democracy
  • New modes of political participation
  • On-line consultation and deliberation
  • Technology, security, liberty

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