Featured panels

The Academic Committee welcomes panels proposal submissions. Proposals that the Academic Committee considers as the most salient and edge-cutting will be featured at the conference website in a dedicated section. Check here for details:

  • FP1: Democracy & Technology
  • FP2: Leadership for ICT in HEI
  • FP3: Smart Cities: Governance & Sustainability
  • FP4: Migration Governance: Challenges & Opportunities
  • FP5: Smart Cities & Migration
  • FP6: Optimization Models in Public Health
  • FP7: Gender, entrepreneurship and ICT: from SDGs to policy-making considerations
  • FP8: Immersive technologies in higher education
  • FP9: Artificial Intelligence for Smart Grid: Innovations and Policies

Should you be interested in contributing to either of these panels, please, submit your abstract Make a note in the submission system that you wish your paper to be included in a given panel, i.e. FP1, FP2, FP3, FP4, FP5.