FP2: Leadership for ICT: from Chaos to Sustainability in HEI

Title of the panel: Effective Leadership for overcoming ICT challenges in Higher Education: What Faculty, Staff and Administrators Can Do to Thrive Amidst the Chaos


Description of Panel: This panel shares insights from authors of a book in process (Emerald Publishing Limited) under the same name and discusses the critical question of how to manage knowledge for value creation in higher education environment. We highlight the concept of Knowledge 4.0 to describe smart use of information and communication technology (ICT) for knowledge creation and sharing within our emerging volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous learning environments. Additionally, we will share insights on the human element, more specifically, leadership elements, involved in both ICT and higher education.  Innovation brings chaos to institutions steeped in tradition and traditional faculty.

With the increasing reliance upon ICT within the higher education institutions (HEI), leadership becomes even more difficult. Despite streamlined job descriptions and roles, research and practice suggest that leadership in HEI is increasingly contested, powers fragmented, and respective groups of agents conflicted. This affects the performance and sustainability of HEI institutions undermining directly research output and teaching excellence. The ICT component is constantly evolving and proposes new objectives and new technologies to mobilize knowledge resource for creating value in a sustainable manner that can be of great value in the challenge of leadership in higher education.

The panel combines innovative aspects of knowledge management applied to a more complex learning environment and asks the question “How can we effectively lead in higher education if and when we embrace ICT”? (The ‘we’ in this question includes administrators, faculty and staff). The argument that this panel suggests is that effective leadership in HEI requires that stakeholders at all levels and in all roles, be it formal or informal leadership, learn to adapt more quickly and to consider the potential features and benefits of ICT.  It is the premise of this panel that we cannot succeed unless we work together across all roles in higher education.

The conveners welcome paper proposals that address (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • VUCA learning environments;
  • knowledge 4.0;
  • higher education institutions;
  • digitally-enabled knowledge society;
  • ICT-conscious institution

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