FP4: Migration Governance: Challenges & Opportunities

Title of the panel: Migration Governance: Challenges and Opportunities; insights from theory & practice


Description of the panel: 

International migration is a multi-dimensional, complex phenomenon that requires governance at many levels [see Betts 2011; Ferris and Donato 2020; Visvizi et al. 2019]. In the recent edition of its Glossary on Migration, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) defines “migration governance” as “the combined frameworks of legal norms, laws and regulations, policies and traditions, as well as organisational structures (subnational, national, regional, and international) and the relevant processes that shape and regulate States’ approaches with regard to migration in all its forms, addressing rights and responsibilities and promoting international cooperation” [IOM, 2019, p. 136]. In 2015, we welcomed the IOM Migration Governance Framework (MiGOF), developed to help define “well-managed migration policy” at the national level. In addition, in 2016, the UN General Assembly called for the first-ever global agreement on a common approach to international migration, and as a result, The Global Compact for Migration (GCM) for safe, orderly, and regular migration was officially adopted in Marrakech in December 2018. Unfortunately, despite efforts to further enhance the global migration governance system at the IOM/UN forum, this has not been achieved. However, some partial (fragmentary) systems can be identified, such as refugee protection governance or regional solutions with varying degrees of formalisation and institutionalisation of cooperation, e.g., within the European Union or ANZAC region. Obviously, they are not truly global, and their effectiveness is limited.

This research panel welcomes papers focused on the theoretical, methodological, and empirical aspects of migration governance (management, policies) at different levels, whether considered separately or discussing and analysing their interplay. We invite scholars and practitioners from around the world to submit abstracts for papers focused on this topic and drawing from such disciplines as political science, economics, security studies, migration studies, geography, etc.

The conveners welcome paper proposals that address (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Multilevel governance (MLG)
  • Border management
  • Migration policy
  • Asylum policy
  • Integration policy
  • Key actors in migration management
  • Politicisation of migration
  • Forced migration management
  • Global Compact for Migration
  • IGOs cooperation
  • INGOs cooperation
  • Sustainability of migration governance

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