FP5: Smart Cities & Migration

Title of the panel: Smart Cities & Migration: navigating issues and challenges through ICT-enhanced tools and approaches

Convener: Anna Visvizi, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Deree College – The American College of Greece

Description of the panel: Smart cities, seen as a concept and policy-strategy, have firmly established themselves as a key tenet of contemporary academic and political debates; this is similarly the case for migration which has also consolidated its position in contemporary narratives and discourses. Interestingly, the centrality of both issues in contemporary research and debates notwithstanding, the smart cities-migration nexus has not acquired the attention it is due. The objective of this panel is to explore this connection from a variety of inter- and multidisciplinary perspectives. The key topics that will be discussed during the panel include a variety of issues that emerge at the intersection migration and advances in sophisticated information and communication technology (ICT) as experienced in (smart) city/urban space.

The conveners welcome paper proposals that address (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Migration in (smart) city/urban space: challenges and opportunities
  • Migration in (smart) city/urban space: strategies and responses
  • Migration in (smart) city/urban space: questions of inclusion, prosperity and well-being
  • Migration in (smart) city/urban space: new modes of economic collaboration
  • Migration in (smart) city/urban space: governance and civic participation
  • Migration in (smart) city/urban space: questions of sustainability

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