FP6: Optimization Models in Public Health

Title of the panel: Novel Optimization Models in Public Health: issues, developments, policy-making implications


Description of the panel: 

Optimization models grounded in advances in ICT, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Analytics (BA), and Business Intelligence (BI), may serve as powerful tools to support the decision-making process in public healthcare. Several tools can be used at various levels of management and operation to minimize costs and maximize healthcare and benefits for the population. The models in optimization can present outstanding results, related to either greater efficiency and increases in productivity, costs’ reduction, and improved capacity to address emergencies. These advantages notwithstanding, many managers and analysts still hesitate to embrace and utilize opportunities the rich and detailed information acquired through novel technologies can offer. In the domain of public healthcare where resources are scarce, this approach cannot be afforded any more. The objective of this panel is to encourage research and debate on the benefits optimization models can bring in the domain of public health. Against this backdrop, this panel will also seek to devise suggestions as to how to convince decision-makers to rely on optimization models more frequently.

The conveners welcome paper proposals that address (but are not limited to) the following topics:  

  • Innovations applied to Information and Communications Technologies in public health
  • New perspectives for the provision of mobile services in public health
  • Optimization tools for the elaboration of health policies and programs
  • Optimization models for public health in small cities
  • Optimization models for public health in smart cities and smart villages context
  • Optimization models for public health and the question of one-off instances of emergency, for example heat waves, transmittable diseases, migration, and sport events

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