FP7: Gender, entrepreneurship & ICT

Title of the panel: Gender, entrepreneurship and ICT: from SDGs to policy-making considerations


Description of the panel: 

The attainment of gender equality and the empowering of women and girls constitute one of the objectives of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Arguably, cultural factors delineate the actual scope of actions undertaken to implement this objective by the UN member-states. Similarly, socio-political circumstances define the set of tools that can and will be employed by decision-makers to attain those objectives. The twin imperative of gender equality and women’s empowerment defines a broad field of policy debate and research. Simultaneously, it highlights the interconnectedness of the SDGs and the multi-scalar factors that determine the efficient pursuit of sustainable growth and development across the globe. In brief, women’s entrepreneurship is not a niche dimension of the research and policy-making landscape. The onset of the 5th industrial revolution adds a new layer in this discussion in that it suggests that advances in information and communication technology (ICT) may alleviate pressures and create opportunities conducive to female entrepreneurship. The objective of this panel is to encourage discussion and research on this broadly defined issue.

The conveners welcome paper proposals that address (but are not limited to) the following topics:  

  • SDGs and women’s entrepreneurship
  • Female entrepreneurship: strategies, policy-actions, case studies
  • Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia and women’s entrepreneurship
  • Empowering women: norms, legal frameworks, social institutions, financing facilities
  • Education, entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment, incl. blended, ICT-enhanced approaches
  • Data-driven policy-making for women’s empowerment, innovation and international business
  • Conceptual approaches

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