Keynote speech April 8, 2021

Title of the speech:

Bottom-Up Culture Creates Born Global Success Stories:

The Case of Helsinki Uusimaa Region

Thu., April 8, 2021, 14:30-16:00 [Athens]

Ari Huczkowski


Ari Huczkowski, CEO and Founder of Lumintel Ltd, Mr Huczkowski is a visionary innovation ecosystem builder, Blue Ocean strategist, professional commercializer, international brand builder and marketer, and startup company growth advisor, to mention just a few items on his professional track record. Since 2003, Ari Huczkowski has been working inside Northern Europe’s largest innovation hub, i.e., the Otaniemi Espoo Innovation Garden ecosystem as a CEO and COO of the ecosystem’s development and promotion company Otaniemi Marketing Ltd and Espoo Marketing Ltd and as a manager at Northern Europe’s largest Science and Technology Park corporation, Technopolis PLC and Technopolis Ventures Ltd. Before that, from 1996 to 2003 he spent 7 years in the software industry as a CEO and manager working with large, listed corporate clients for NSD National Software Development Ltd and NSD Consulting. Since 2018 he’s been running his own innovation consulting company, Lumintel Ltd that focuses on innovation ecosystem development, Blue Ocean Strategy, international expansion of high technology growth companies and Venture Capital and Growth Capital searches.