Panel 2: Navigating disability and social exclusion in the digital world

Title of the panel:

Navigating disability and social exclusion in the digital world


Disability; exclusion; social exclusion; inclusion; policies; ICT-enhanced tools and solutions;

Short description of the panel:

Several sources of social exclusions exist. Albeit the onset of the digital era suggests that new tools and approaches might be employed to effectively tackle the sources and implications of social inclusion, more research is needed to understand the thrust of the challenge and propose viable solutions to specific problems and challenges. Even more important in this context is the imperative of translating research and research findings into viable and feasible policy-making. The objective of this panel is to encourage conversation on how to use advances in ICT effectively to address specific sources of social exclusion, such as autism, hearing impairment, mental disorders and other.

Some of the topics that will be discussed in the panel:

  • Digital world and inclusion: sustainability, common good, public good
  • Social exclusion and technology: a double-edged sword or a promise
  • ICT-enhanced tools and approaches in autism research
  • ICT-enhanced tools and approaches, autism, and parental care
  • Machine learning and early detection of mental disorders
  • ICT-enhanced tools and solutions and the acquisition of social skills


  • Kawther Saeedi, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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