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Athens: practical information

The twin transition: leveraging breakthrough technologies and sustainability for innovation, quality education, and policy making

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In this section you will find basic information about accommodation, sightseeing, places to eat, places to shop and other. Athens is a wonderful city. Explore it.  


The accommodation base in Athens is broad and diverse. While you will be able to find your choice via the well-known platforms, we would like to suggest to focus on Plaka rather than on the imminent neighbourhood of Technolopolis. You will be able to use the metro, or take a stroll, to reach the Rii Forum 2022 venue. 

You will certainly apply several accommodation criteria. We suggest that you look carefully at the map, prefer areas around Plaka, Syntagma Square etc., and avoid Omonia, Metaxourgio, anything beyond the Peireos Avenue. Should you have questions, ask at info@rii-forum.org 

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Basic search results with the two keywords: “Plaka, Athens” 


The past and the present blend in Athens. Start with the Acropol Hill and the mighty Parthenon and then let the picturesque streets guide you. If you wish, go to the museums. Otherwise, let Athens charm you. As simply as that.

As for museums, tickets (also combo) can be bought online and in advance. Check the Covid-19 regulations. Be advised though that the city of Athens remains open and visitors’ friendly. Precautions (masks! + vaccination certificates! are a must) are in place.

You may enjoy this walk

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Places to eat

The secret of Greek food lies in its simplicity and in the purity of ingredients. There is a great variety of places to eat in Athens. Prefer simple and unpretentious places. Go for the Greek salad (“Choriatki”/Villagers’s salad) and house wine, over fancy ‘I don’t know what it is’- and ‘I won’t dare to ask how much it costs’-stuff. 

Note, starters (tzatziki, eggplant salad, fried zucchinis, and fresh fries) are the magic! Unless, of course, you long for cooked food or grilled meat. Use the well-known apps to find your way. If you wish to learn more, ask us. Oh, one more thing, we tend to tip in Greece. 

… but after all it is more than just food

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Places to shop

The art of shopping…. yes… You are well aware how difficult it may be.  It can be such a pleasure though. Athens, especially, the Plaka district, will mesmerize you with the variety of, indeed, artifacts that you can buy to make your life prettier and your beloved ones loved. 

The shop owners will like to chat with you. Yes, they want to sell, but many of them still value human interaction more than revenue itself. If they go together, well, then it is πολύ καλή μέρα [polí̱ kalí̱ méra], a very good day. 


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