Special Issues

Subject to standard publication procedures, Rii Forum 2022 delegates, are encouraged to submit their work to the following journals and dedicated special issues. Please, note that this section will be UPDATED regularly. The purpose of this section is to offer you guidelines/ideas regarding suitable outlets for research & papers presented at Rii Forum 2022. Please, note that journal-specific procedures will need to be followed and, hence, there is no guarantee of publication. Should you have any questions, the Rii Forum 2022 Organizing Team will be pleased to answer them.


Smart Cities & Smart Villages & the Global Digital Transformation

Remote Sensing | Buildings

Sustainable Smart Cities and Smart Villages

European Jounal of Innovation Management

Check the journal’s website for details

Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy

Check the journal’s website for details

Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine

Application and Decision-Making Implications of Novel Optimization Models in Public Health


Smart Cities and Smart Villages and the Global Digital Transformation: Strategy and Community Engagement


Energy Management System and Multicriteria

Land Use Policy

Land use in smart cities, smart villages, and smart territories: performance, resilience, and sustainability in the digital era

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