Tracks & Panels

Track 1: Technology-enhanced teaching and learning

Panel 1: Technology, education & on-line learning in times of the pandemic

Panel 2: Immersive Technologies as a Tool for Coping with COVID-19 in Higher Education

Track 2: Smart cities and smart villages

Panel 3: Health & well-being in smart cities: urban design & urban planning in the COVID-19 era

Panel 4: Smart Cities in the COVID-19 Era: SDGs & resilience 

Panel 5: Smart cities, public health & infectious diseases

Track 3: Disruptive technologies & the society

Panel 6: Cultural heritage & ICT

Panel 7: Depopulation, the Global Competition for Talent, and the Digital Diaspora

Panel 8: Democracy in the post-COVID world

Track 4: Covid-19 and the international economy in the AI-era: crisis, rupture, and new opportunities

Panel 9: AI in the International and Global Perspective

Panel 10: Data-driven decision-making and strategy in business

Panel 11: Human-Human & Human-Machine Interaction amid the COVID-19 pandemic