Rii Forum proceedings 

All papers presented at Rii Forum 2023, subject to a stringent double-blind peer review process, will be published in the Rii Forum 2023 proceedings; published by Springer, indexed in Scopus and Web of Science (WoS). Please, check the publisher’s website for details of the previous Rii Forum proceedings.

In line with what has become a good tradition now, the Rii Forum 2023 Chairs have ensured that several other publication opportunities are open to Rii Forum 2023 delegates. For details, please, check the section beneath. Should you wish to learn more, please, contact us directly at

Rii Forum 2022
Indexed in Scopus (WoS pending)
Rii Forum 2021
Indexed in Scopus (WoS pending)
Rii Forum 2020
Indexed in Scopus (WoS pending)
Rii Forum 2019
Indexed in Scopus & WoS

Other publication opportunities 


Subject to standard publication procedures, Rii Forum 2023, are encouraged to submit their work in the following journals and dedicated special issues. Please, note that this section will be UPDATED regularly. The purpose of this section is to offer you guidelines/ideas regarding suitable outlets for research & papers presented at Rii Forum 2023. Please, note that journal-specific procedures will need to be followed and, hence, there is no guarantee of publication. Should you have any questions, the Rii Forum 2023 Organizing Team will be pleased to answer them.


For the past  years, Rii Forum  served as  forum for academically sound discussion, constructive feedback, and networking. These are the precondiations for the still nascent projects to grow. Join the Rii Forum 2022 to explore these opportunities.  

Contact us for details

The Rii Forum Chairs, in collaboration with the Academic Committee and Panel Chairs, will offer several opportunities to contribue to edited volumes. Should you wish to explore this possibly, please, drop a line at and we will pleased to guide you.

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